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Lauren Casey
10/27/2013 05:22:33 am

Hey there I have really found your website to be very helpful so thank you so much for your time and love you put into it for these awesome turtles! I am having trouble identifying a baby turtle no bigger than a half dollar that my son found in my mothers pool. Given his size and not knowing how long he was in the pool I had to take him home and care for him. Ive bought him everything he needs to survive and grow healthy. Im so proud to report today that I was actually able watch him eat some krill since ive only seen him take bites of lettuce here and there and that made me really nervous. Anyhow do you have any ideas that would help me identify him? We live in South Florida and he was found in the pool at my mothers house who lives on a big lake..he looks a lot like a cooter but also a lot like your little friend Juan. I had red eared sliders when I was in college and although he looks like them to he has no red ears...any ideas?


5/14/2014 07:28:28 pm

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10/30/2019 05:10:23 am

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